Ingredients (for 4 servings): 
300 g potatoes
300 g carrots; 
400 g spinach; 
80 g butter; 
50 g flour; 
2 eggs; 
½ litre of milk; 
Salt and pepper
Tricolour Soufflé
Method: Separately boil the vegetables
and purée them also separately.
Prepare a Béchamel sauce with the
butter, flour, pinch of salt and pepper
and then add the egg yolks and stiffly
beaten egg whites.
Delicately mix each vegetable purée
with a suitable quantity of the Béchamel
sauce. Grease a soufflé mould with butter
and dust with flour. Place a first layer of
the carrot purée mixture, then a second
with the potato purée mixture and top
with a layer of the spinach purée mixture.
Place in an oven heated to 180° for about
40 minutes in a Bain Marie. Serve preferably hot with a paste of Parmesan cheese.